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The official Wallabies First membership program is an exclusive initiative offered by Rugby Australia, designed to provide unique benefits and experiences to supporters of the Wallabies. This program is tailored to enhance the engagement with rugby fans while offering a range of exciting perks. Wallabies First offers a selection of 3 membership tiers to cater to the preferences of our dedicated fans.

The Wallabies First Advantage is an existing yearly membership that has been rebranded to Wallabies First Advantage. The membership program still provides the same benefits as previously supplied. More information on all the inclusions can be found by clicking on the Advantage Membership 'Details' here.

Yes, existing Plus members can still purchase the Plus Lions Edition or Plus Advantage memberships to continue to receive all your Plus benefits.

You can purchase any Wallabies First Membership for yourself as well as up to 19 additional memberships for friends and family. Any additional memberships purchased can be gifted once to the intended recipient. Once you gift a Wallabies First membership you no longer have access to the benefits associated with that membership.

The Wallabies First Lions Edition membership includes a wide range of exclusive benefits and inclusions over 2 years – please check details of this membership tier on our homepage for a full list.

We created a new 2 year membership to guarantee you access to the entire Lions tour in 2025 as well as the current season (2024). Tickets for the Lions tour will go on-sale exclusively to Wallabies First Lions Edition Members in February 2024.

No, the only way to guarantee ticket access to the Lions Tour is through the Lions Edition Membership. A ballot/pre-sale opportunity may become available to Wallabies First Advantage Members subject to ticket availability but there is no guarantee of tickets for the Lions Tour.

Yes, should you have been a member since its inception and have renewed your membership every year, your existing Plus benefits will still be honoured. You will need to buy a 2024 Wallabies First Plus Advantage and 2025 Wallabies First Plus Advantage when 2025 memberships go on-sale (likely in January 2025), you will then get access to purchase Lions tickets at Accor Stadium. There is no guarantee for the other Test Matches. If you would like these matches we suggest you purchase a Plus Lions Edition Membership to keep your existing benefits going and also extra guaranteed access for the Lions Tour in 2025.

Yes, we have reserved seats on Level 4 at Accor Stadium for all lifetime Wallabies First Plus Members.

Individuals who reside in the United Kingdom or the European Economic Area are unable to purchase Wallabies First Lions Edition memberships or receive them as gifts.

You can edit your details on the ‘Profile’ page which is accessible via the menu.

If you choose to edit your personal details please note that any edits made to your Wallabies First Membership account will not be reflected in your Rugby Xplorer account. You can edit the personal details tied to your Rugby Xplorer account HERE.

You will still be required to use your Rugby Xplorer login details to sign into your Wallabies First account.

Rugby Australia has partnered with Power’d Digital to deliver the Wallabies First membership program. As such, Power’d Digital Pty Ltd Sydney will appear as the merchant on your Credit Card statement.

The following links will take you to the applicable Wallabies First terms and conditions: Wallabies First Membership Terms, the Power’d Platform Terms, and the Power’d Privacy Policy.

All customer enquiries relating to the Wallabies First membership program can be directed to or call us on 1300 730 870 or (02) 8005 5555.

Please note, the Wallabies First customer service team operates Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm AEDT (excluding public holidays). We will try to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Post Purchase

2024 Membership Packs are being sent out from Mid June. Please make sure that your preferred delivery address has been submitted and up to date by following this link. Once you've opened the link head to 'My Profile' page to update your address.

You can access your Wallaby Shop discount code in the My Passes section of your Wallabies First account here.

You can access your Wallaby Shop Voucher in the My Passes section of your Wallabies First account here. Please note, this may take up to 48 hours to appear in your account after completing your membership purchase.

On February 20th 2024 at 12pm (AEDT) we provided all Wallabies First Lions Edition Members the opportunity to go in and secure their tickets.

For any new members who join after this date, the links to purchase will be available in your membership welcome email.

Members will receive their Membership Pack from June 2024. Wallabies First Lions Edition members will receive an additional pack containing their Wallabies 1899 Heritage Jersey at a later date. We will be in touch with Wallabies First Lions Edition members in late 2024 with sizing and delivery information for this inclusion.

You can find your passes in the 'My Passes' section of the Wallabies First website. From here you can view the details of the passes that you’ve purchased, gift them to friends and family, and even redeem some of the benefits on offer.

Your Wallabies First Wallet Pass will be used as access control for various in-person Wallabies First benefits offered as part of the Wallabies First program. It is important that Wallabies First members download their wallet pass in order to be able to verify their identity and access benefits. You can download your wallet pass on the 'Profile' page, accessible via the menu.

If a Wallabies First member downloads a wallet pass to their phone's Apple or Google Wallet but then gifts the relevant membership or offer associated with that wallet pass to a friend their wallet pass may still appear in their Apple or Google Wallet, but it will no longer be valid. If for some reason you are unable to download your wallet pass, then the QR code on the Wallabies First 'Profile' page can also be used to verify your identity.

It is a great idea to add the Wallabies First website to your homescreen. This will ensure that you have access to our website on your device all the time, and provide us with the ability to notify you of important news via your mobile device.

On iPhone when you are in your Wallabies First Account, tap the “share” icon in your browser then select “add to home screen”. This will add an icon for Wallabies First on the home screen of your phone.

On Android, when you are in your Wallabies First Account, tap the three dots in your browser that display the menu. Tap “add to home screen”. This will add an icon for Wallabies First on the home screen of your phone.

To receive direct notifications to your device you will need to enable notifications in your 'Settings' app on your device.

When necessary Rugby Australia will communicate via email (and sometimes SMS) in order to provide Wallabies First members with the relevant information required to redeem benefits. Otherwise, important information will be available on this platform on the 'My Passes' page or in the FAQs section.

There are two rules that may be restricting your ability to gift a pass.

Firstly, passes are not allowed to be gifted more than once. So, if you have received your pass via gifting you will not be able to gift that pass to another individual.

Secondly, individuals within the United Kingdom or the European Economic Area are unable to receive Wallabies First Lions Edition memberships as gifts. So, if you are trying to gift a Wallabies First Lions Edition membership to somebody in one of those regions you will be unable to do so.

Once a gift has been sent, the gift recipient should receive an SMS message informing them that they have received a gift. A link will be included in that message directing them to the 'My Passes' page.

Once they are on the 'My Passes' page, the recipient will need to log-in or sign-up with an account that holds the phone number that the gift was sent to. Once this has been done, the membership will appear on their 'My Passes' page.

If the gift recipient did not receive an SMS message, they will just need to head to the 'My Passes' page and log-in or sign-up with an account that holds the phone number that the gift was sent to.

If you have any accessibility queries, please reach out to our customer service team for assistance.

All customer enquiries relating to the Wallabies First membership program can be directed to or call us on 1300 730 870 or (02) 8005 5555.

Please note, the Wallabies First customer service team operates Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm AEDT (excluding public holidays). We will try to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Once the associated benefit(s) has been redeemed, a pass can no longer be used to access the benefit(s). The Pass may still appear in your Wallabies First account, but it will be updated to show that it has been 'redeemed'.

If a Wallabies First pass is not redeemed it will also lose its utility once the time of the associated benefit has past.

Member Functions

Catch up with your fellow members and Classic Wallabies and preview the upcoming Wallabies match over a drink and some nibbles* at the 2024 Wallabies First member functions. To RSVP:

  1. On the Home page, click on the Experiences tab (you will need to be logged in else the experiences will be locked)
  2. For the function(s) you wish to attend, click Add to Cart. You may RSVP for up to 2 people per function for each membership you hold.**
  3. Check out to confirm your attendance.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Please note, you must register in advance to gain access to the member function. We cannot accept walk-ups.

If you have any questions, please email

* There will be some food and drinks available as well as a cash bar to purchase additional drinks

** If you have gifted a membership, the recipient will need to RSVP from their member account.

We will email all members who have registered for a Wallabies First member function during the week of the event with all information on how to access the event.

Spring Tour & Wellington 2024 Tickets

All Spring Tour and Wellington 2024 match tickets will be sent digitally closer to each match. Please ensure your account has the correct email address and mobile number at all times. You may be required to download the respective venue/Member Union app to receive tickets. More information will sent closer to each match.

Tickets will be sent digitally to you closer to the match. More information will be provided once Rugby AU receives this from each Member Union.

Once we have received all requests and final seating confirmation from each Member Union, Rugby AU will allocate tickets and advise you of your seating location.

Tickets are final and no refunds are allowed. We recommend having your travel plans finalised prior to purchasing.

To get the ultimate travel experience, we recommend booking a match ticket, accommodation and flight package through Wallabies Travel. Wallabies First Lions Edition and Wallabies First Advantage members can access a 10% Wallabies Travel discount.

Please note, Wallabies Travel packages include a match ticket. We recommend you purchase either a Wallabies Travel package OR match-only tickets via this platform. If you purchase on both platforms, your tickets may not be seated together.


As a Wallabies First member, you will have exclusive access to a variety of unique offers that are specifically tailored to the Wallabies First membership program. These offers may encompass both complimentary and paid opportunities, all accessible through the 'Home' page.

Once you have accepted an offer, just pay with your preferred payment method if necessary and in no time at all they’ll appear in your 'My Passes' page. As with membership passes, you may gift an offer once, but as soon as you gift the offer pass you are no longer entitled to the benefit(s) associated with that offer pass.

Wallabies First Offers may have their own sets of rules, so it is important to read the details dropdown of any Offers prior to accepting them. This ensures that you have a clear understanding of any restrictions, expiration dates, redemption processes, or other requirements that may be applicable.

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